What If I Am Destined for Nothing?

I just realized that I—finally can—breathe so easily. Now my lungs feels like if it was made so wider and stronger than ever, when I stop thinking about everything that may be destined to me.

When I stop rating myself for whatever it is, whether it is deserve for me or not, now I can breathe painlessly.

I found this understanding, one day in the morning, when I was making a confession in the front of mirror, trying not to lie even for a very small thing, confessing everything honestly and fearlessly of the world… in those time I found this very helpful pain eraser through my own voices that came out from the very bottom of my hearts. From that time I stop doing such a thing that is able to corrupt my hearts and causing any damages to my true feeling. Wish it long last may continue.

The lives has been taught me, however hopeless live may become, I still will be alive even if I am destined for nothing. Because again… what if I am destined for nothing? The very true answer that I found is… IT WILL NOT CHANGE ANYTHING.

I am Andy Riyan from Desa Hujan. See ya…

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